Demonstrations for Students


School Visits

Small teams of scientists (graduate students, post-docs, faculty) from our center regularly visit local schools to perform materials-related demonstrations. We have a vast array of demonstrations that are engaging and help communicate the research conducted in our center. We also go to Family Science Nights in CPS schools, where students and their parents comes to our stalls and learn from these demonstrations. Schools interested in inviting us for their Science Nights contact Jeff Gustafson ( 

Former MRSEC director, Steve Sibener responds to the question: "What does a Scientist do?" Students learning about the properties of cornstarch and water at Langston Hughes family science night. Family science night at Andrew Carnegie Elementary School 2013. 

Lab Tours

We also regularly invite groups of students to our labs and research facilities. Students and faculty give a tour of their labs and explain their work.

MRSEC director Ka Yee Lee explains liquid surfaces to High school students Dr. Qiti Guo teaches how to prepare samples for Scanning Electron Microscope to highschoolers