Museum Exhibits


A major portion of our public outreach is through collaborative development of concepts that lead to exhibits. Our MRSEC has forged long-standing partnerships with the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago (>2M visitors) and the Exploratorium in San Francisco (>1M visitors).

At the MSI exhibits on granular materials were incorporated in the permanent installation, Science Storms. Professors Nagel and Jaeger are featured in a video discussing granular materials and science research. We also helped co-develop a unique interactive periodic table for Science Storms and have been assisting with the development of an app for the iPad, which will bring this interactive experience to an even wider audience.

Nagel and Jaeger on the big screen discussing granular materials in front of the avalanche at MSI.   Exploring the properties of granular materials at MSI.
Sibener in front of the interactive periodic table he helped develop.   Brainstorming session with MRSEC graduate students and post-docs developing reaction categories for the interactive periodic table app. 


Exchanges between Exploratorium staff and MRSEC researchers resulted in the exhibit, “Arp Forms,” illustrating non-Newtonian fluid behavior.  Exploratorium scientists visit Chicago, participating in our workshops and allied activities. An exhibit currently in the planning stages, “Stress Trees” uses photoelastic material to illustrate granular stress chains. This exhibit is designated for the entrance of the Exploratorium and is scheduled for completion by April 2014.

 Jaegar hosting Exploratorium staff.    Nathan holding a demo of the "Stress Trees" exhibit.
Visitors at the Exploratorium enjoying Arp Forms .    A close-up of the constantly changing Arp Forms exhibit.