REU 2004

Summer 2004 Physics/MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Participants

Jacob Basak
University of Chicago

"Constructing Cutinase Protein Fibrils on Gold/Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) using Phosphonate Ligands"
Mrksich Group

Tera Bell
Harvey Mudd College
"Tunneling of Edge Currents Between a Potential Barrier"
Kang Group

Michael Constantinides
Princeton University

"The Self-Assembly of Gold Nanocrystals into Nanofrustums"
Jaeger Group

Wendy Everett
Oberlin College

"Mapping Galaxy Clusters with the Sunaev-Zel'dovich Effect (SZE)"
Carlstrom Group

Megan Juszkiewicz
Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Assessing the Radiation Damage at the 
CDF Silicon Detector "

Kim Group

Nathan Krapf
University of Chicago

"Monte Carlo Investigations of the Universality of Directed Percolation"
Mazenko Group


Rose Loughlin
Harvard University

"Examing Non-Genetic Variability due to Stochastic Processes "
Cluzel Group

Jorge Munoz
University of Texas,
El Paso

"Curvature Behavior in a Crescent Singularity of a Deformed Elastic Sheet"
Witten Group

Polina Segalova
Olin College of Engineering

"Electron Relaxation 
in YHa Films"

Rosenbaum Group

Rachel Smith
University of Texas, Austin

"Waves in Granular Materials"
Nagel Group

Choshun Snyder
Antioch College

"Data Acquisition and Luminosity via CDF"
Frisch Group

David Strubbe
University of Chicago

"Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence
and Photovoltage in Semiconductor 
Nanocrystal Thin Films"

Guyot-Sionnest Group

Suz Tolwinski
Brown University

"Lorentz-Violating Vector Fields Cause Anisotropic Expansion "
Carroll Group

Andrew Wetzel
Harvey Mudd College

"Computer Simulations of the Effects of Design Tolerances on the Detector Image of the TRICE Telescope"
Swordy Group

Cathy Yeh
University of Florida

"Sunspots and the Missing Heat Flux Problem"
Rosner Group
Shing Fan Yip
Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

"Probablistic Determination of an Ideal Aperture
for a Scintillation Detector"

Wah Group 

Bethany Zack
Winona State Univ. /Eckerd College

"The Newtonian Universe, the Scale Factor, and the Shape of the Universe: A Literature Survey"
Meyer Group

Megan Harvey
"Spouting in Granular Beds"
Jaeger/Nagel Groups

Chris Ko
Cambridge University

"Modeling Cholesterol in Cell Membranes"
Lee Group