REU 2005

Summer 2005 Physics/MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Participants

Aaron Patterson
Morehouse College

"Viscous Fingering in a Hele-Shaw
(2-D) Cell"
Nagel Group

Allison Jones
Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
"Analysis of Swift 
Burst Data"
Lamb Group

Ben Zimmerman
University of Chicago 

"Electronic Transport Measurements and Microscopy of Heat Treated Nanocrystal Arrays"
Jaeger Group

Bryan Conyers
Dillard University

"Jet Formation in Granular Media: Relation to Impact Energy, Ambient Pressure & Gas Density"
Jaeger Group

Eric Hoke
Harvard University

"Dynamic Signature of Jamming in
Monodisperse Granular Media "

Jaeger Group

Geoffrey Ngetich
Norfolk State University

"Constructing a Cosmic Ray Detector"
Frisch Group


Gerald Onuoha
Tennessee State University

"The Faction of Refraction:Measurement of the index of refraction for CF3I "
Collar Group

Jesi Goodman (l
Mariel Desroche (r)
University of Arizona & Smith College

"Identification of g-rays for Ground-Based Telescopes"
Fortson/Swordy Groups

Katelyn Spillane
Univ. of Massachussetts, Amherst

"Insertion of Antimicrobial Peptide Mimic mPE-590 Into Saturated Phospholipid Monolayers"
Lee (Chicago) /Tew (UMASS) Groups

Kimberly Walker
Dillard University 

"The Selective Withdrawal Problem"
Nagel Group

Leslie Sanford
Southern University A & M, Baton Rouge

"Antiferromagnetism in Chromium "
Rosenbaum Group

Mark Kittisopikul
University of Chicago

"A Thermodynamic Study of the Interaction of Cholesterol with Lipid Membranes"
Lee Group

Matthew Mumpower
North Carolina State University

"The Strange Vibrations of Granular Materials"
Witten Group

Rodney Goldsmith
Xavier University, New Orleans

"Determining Elastic Properties of freely suspended Nanocrystal monolayers by Atomic Force Microscopy"
Jaeger Group

Sara Waters
University of Florida

"A Study of Signal/Noise Improvement of the CsI Array for the Search of Rare Kaon Decay KL-> p0n n ' "
Wah Group

Sasha Rahlin

"Initial State Gluon Radiation in
Drell-Yan Dilepton Production"

Kim Group

Scott Kelber
University of Chicago

"Erosion of PMMA by VUV Light and 
Atomic Oxygen"

Sibener Group 

Stacey Kigar
University of Chicago

"What is the Binding Affinity of 
Vinculin for Talin?"

Mrksich Group
Tatyana Sheps
Louisiana State University

" Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
of Single Cell Dynamics"

Cluzel Group