REU 2009

Summer 2009 Physics/MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Participants

Cyril (Tony) Allen
North Carolina State University

"Simulating Conditions for XIAN Light Curves "
York group

Trey Banani
Georgia Southern University
"Measuring of the Wavelength Dependence of an Integrating Sphere"
Privitera group

Stephen Broughton
University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff

"Studies of the Z Boson and a Search for Same Sign Di-Muon Decays at the Tevatron"
Kim group


Skyler Degenkolb
University of Chicago

"Phase Contrast Imaging for Ultracold Atoms"
Chin group

Stephanie Fronk
University of Chicago

"Polymer Self-Healing"
Sibener group

Athena Frost
University of Chicago

"Energy Transfer of Molecular Systems with Ultra-Fast Laser Spectroscopy: the Dispersive Effects of High Powered Lasers on Nonlinear Optics"
Engel group


Stephanie Gallegos
University of New Mexico

"Gravitational Lensing in Clusters of Galaxies"
Gladders group

Stephanie Harmon
Illinois Institute of Technology

"Phosopholipid-Cholesterol Interactions in Monolayer Systems"
Lee group

Sean Johnson
University of Chicago

"Short Time-Scale Variability in High Equivalent Width [O III] Objects in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey"
York group

Suyeon Khim
University of Chicago

"in silico mutagenesis of the K+ channel from Streptomyces lividans (KcsA)"
Perozo group


Alison Koser
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

"Cluster Formation in a Freely-Falling Granular Stream"
Jaeger group

Joyce Lainé
New York University

"The Sedov-Taylor solution and a comparison to the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant"
Dwarkadas group

Alejandro Lopez

"Brownian Dynamics in a 2D-Driven Colloidal System"
Dinner group

Uri Morone
Washington Universiy in St. Louis

"Analysis of the Dynamics of Myosin in Cytoskeleton Reassembly"
Gardel group

Edgar Palacios
Illinois Institute of Technology

"Microfluidics: A Novel 3D passive Micromixer"
Kang/Ocola groups

Helen Parks
University of Pittsburgh

"Jammed Fingers: Applying Granular Jamming to Robotic Gripping"
Jaeger group

Shivani Pathak
Union College

"Cellular Migration and Mechanosensing"
Gardel group

Ashley Perko

"Q/U Imaging Experiment Beam Systematics"
Winstein group


Samantha Stam
Michigan Technological University

"Microscipic Mechanics of Cytoskeletal Proteins"
Gardel group

Maria Tiongco
University of Michigan

"Testing Detectors for the South Pole Telescope "
Meyer group

Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin
Swarthmore College

"Suppressing Viscous Drop Splashing with Surface Roughness"

Nagel group


Nicole Vassh
University of Wisconsin, Parkside

"Identifying Nonequilibrium Systems Using the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem"
Mazenko group

Dili Wang
Columbia University

"Microwave Antenna Testing for Quantum Coherence Experiments"
Rosenbaum group

Rebecca Wilczak
University of Michigan, Dearborn

"Reducing the state-space of the Complex Lorenz flow"

Kadanoff/ Cvitanovic groups



Michael Zakrajsek
Rice University

"Studies of Z-->m-m+ and a Search for Z+m at the Tevatron"
Kim group