Electronics Laboratory

Design, construction, and repair services for electronic equipment

The staff of the Electronics Laboratory designs and constructs electronic equipment to specification. This equipment is designed to meet the unique specifications of the requestor. We build unique equipment that is generally not available on the commercial market at very competitive rates. The equipment can range from small low power to large high power devices. We build devices that operate from DC to the mega Hertz frequency regime and at millivolt to kilovolt levels.

32 element high speed photo detector
A 32 element high speed photo detector
10000 volt to 10 ampere puls generator
A 10000 Volt -- 10 Ampere pulse generator for electro-physiology

Our construction services can also include mechanical and machining aspects of the device in most cases. For very demanding or large scale mechanical projects, we have access to the excellent facilities of the Central Machine Shop at the University, and can coordinate construction with them.


  • Analog and digital circuit design and simulation
  • Printed circuit layout and fabrication
  • Electrical testing and design verification
  • Microprocessor code development
  • CPLD and FPGA design
  • Mechanical design and fabrication

We also repair and maintain electronic and electrical equipment at much lower cost than that provided by outside suppliers.