Cheng Chin

Professor, PhysicsJFI, and the College
Ultracold atoms and molecules, Bose-Einstein condensates

Margaret Gardel

Professor, Physics, JFI, IBD, and the College
Biophysics, mechanics of actin networks

Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Professor, ChemistryPhysicsJFI and the College
surface physics, nonlinear optical spectroscopy

Heinrich M. Jaeger

Professor, PhysicsJFI, and the College
Soft Matter, Granular Materials

Kathryn J. Levin

Professor, PhysicsJFI, and the College 
Solid state physics, superconductivity

Sidney R. Nagel

Professor, PhysicsJFIEFI and the College 
Condensed matter physics, granular materials, fluid dynamics

Thomas A. Witten

Professor, PhysicsJFI and the College
Heterogeneous polymers