REU 2007

Summer 2007 Physics/MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Participants

Mattie Brown 
Grinnell College 

"Cross-linking CdSe Quantum Dots "
Guyot-Sionnest group

Adam Bush 
Loyola Marymount University 
"Perturbations of CheBc in e. coli Chemotaxis Network"
Cluzel group

Daniel Citron 
University of Chicago 

"Cytokinesis and the Effects of Surface Tension Variation "
Zhang group


Michelle Fritz 
University of Michigan 

"Search for a New Force Carrier (Z')"
Y.K. Kim group

Emily Garza 
University of Texas, Pan American 

"Holographic Optical Elements for Storing and Moving Quantum Information "
Chin group

Collin Joseph 
Yale University 

"Critical Force Networks in Jammed Granular Matter"
Gruzberg group


Barney Kipapa 
University of Mississippi 

"A Primer on Coherent Neutrino Scattering Detection"
Collar group

Martha Malin 
University of Chicago

"PID Temperature Control for QUIET" 
Weinstein group

Kelsey Morgan 
University of Chicago 

"Design of a Gaussian Filter for the J-PARC E-14 Collaboration"
Wah group

Fred Pineda 
Carnegie Mellon University 

"Attenuation Measurements for the Double Chooz Outer Veto"
Blucher Group

Sam Rosenthal 
Stanford University 

"Chemical Surface Functionalization of Self-Assembed Polymer Nanostructures"
Sibener Group

Cacey Stevens 
Southern University A&M 

"Dynamics of Viscous Fluids: Splashing and Drop Spreading"
Nagel Group

Jessie Taylor 
Calvin College 

"Simulations of the South Pole Telescope Data"
Carlstrom/Meyer groups

Matthew Tunnell 
University of Chicago

"Dilution Refrigerators and the Quantum Hall Effect"
Kang group

Carolina Vargas 

"Annual Temperature Phase Shift" 
Witten group

Gerardo Viza 
Georgia Institute of Technology 

"Liquid--Glass Phase Transition: A Direct Mode Coupling Approach "
Mazenko group

David Yu 
University of Chicago

"Simulation of a Microchannel Plate "
H. Frisch group 

Alexey Finkel 
University of Illinois, Chicago 

"Critical Force Networks in Jammed Granular Matter"
Gruzberg group


Ethan Alguire 
Haverford College

"A study of Hyperconjugative Stabilization in Unimolecular Dissociation"
Butler group

Edward Chen 

(Caltech SURF Program)
Collar group

Kenny Rudinger 
University of Chicago
"The Transition Radiation Array for Cosmic Energetic Radiation (TRACER)" 

Muller group



Hannes Schimmelpfennig 
University of Chicago

"COUPP: The bubble chamber for WIMP Detection"
Collar group