REU 2006

Summer 2006 Physics/MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Participants

Woody Abbott 
UC Lab School/Swarthmore College 

"Gating Nanoparticles "
Jaeger group

Ernesto Abruna
University of Florida 
"Dynamics of Anti-Ferromagnetic Domains in Chromium "
Isaacs Group

Joshua Banks 
University of Chicago 

"Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays"
Olinto Group

Lawrence Bronk 

"Radio Frequency Characterization of a 3.9GHz Deflecting Mode Cavity "
Kim Group

Gabriel Caceres 
Augustana College 

"Study of Particle Detector Efficiency and Attenuation Length"
Wah Group

Daniel Citron 
University of Chicago 

"Behavior of Granular Jets and Ejection Patterns "
Nagel Group


Bryan Conyers 
Dillard University

"Jet Formation in Granular Media: Relation to Impact Energy & Ambient Pressure "
Jaeger Group

Nkemdilim Ezeife 
Temple University 

"Construction, Utilization & Characterization of a Fabry0Perot Cavity for the Detection of Metastable Kr "
Lu Group

Karin Gilje
St. Olaf College 

"War of the Elements: Carbon vs. Oxygen "
Sibener Group

Lisa Gotimer-Strolla 
St. John's University
(Queens, NYC) 
"A Capillary Wave Interferometer"
Nagel Group

Marsela Jorgolli 
University of Chicago 

"Diffusion Coefficient of Fluorsecing Molecules in Mammalian Cells "
Cluzel Group

Chris Kempes
Colorado College 

"Adventures in the Eigenspace of the Fisher-Hartwig Toeplitz Matrix"
Kadanoff Group

Kristen Lackeos 
University of South Alabama 

"Thermal Emission from Aligned Dust Grains in the Submillimeter Wavelength Range"
Hildebrand Group

Ellen Martinsek 
Harvard University

"Local Interstellar Matter: A Closer Look Towards Alpha Ophiuchi "
York Group (P. Frisch)

Taejin (Lance) Min 
Northwestern University 

"In vivo studies of transcriptional and translational response to varying induction levels in a single bacterium" 
Cluzel Group

Jaclyn Nesbitt 
Illinois Weslyan University 

"Simulation and Analysis of Cosmic Rays and Calibrator Signals in South Pole Telescope Data "
Meyer Group

Elizabeth Olhsson
University of Oregon

"Polarized Bolometers for the South Pole Telescope "
Carlstrom Group 

Gerald Onuoha 
Tennessee State University 

"On the Road to Recovery: The Analysis of the Discovery of New Bacterial Drugs "
Lee Group

Emily Ray 
Vanderbilt University 

"Radio Frequency Characterization of a 3.9 GHz Deflecting Mode Cavity"
Kim Group

David Robins 
Southern University A&M, Baton Rouge 

"Structural Response of Granular Material "
Jaeger Group

Zach Schultz 
Reed College 

"Mode coupling in a weakly connected solid"Witten Group

Thuso Simon 
University of New Mexico 

"Looking at Differences in Interstellar Absorption toward HD 72127 A and B "
York Group (Welty)

Tien-Tien Yu 
University of Chicago 

"Galactic Magnetic Field distortions of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray sources"
Olinto Group

Roberto Zamora 

"Drop Impact in Theory & Experiment"
Zhang Group

Heather Ziola 
Wayne State University

(Wayne State REU Program) 
" Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
of Single Cell Dynamics"

Cinabro Group