The '240' Conference: Science's Greatest Challenges

September 13, 2012 to September 15, 2012

This scientific gathering, marking the 240th birthday of R. Stephen Berry, Stuart A. Rice, and Joshua Jortner, will focus on open, deep, difficult and important problems in chemical physics and related areas of science which require the advancement of novel concepts and experimental methods.  Several central themes will be addressed which will be presented within the framework of three sessions; Complexity and Emergence; Dynamics under Extreme Conditions, and the Grandest Questions, Origins of Life and the Chemical Universe.

Specific sessions are as follows.

I.  The emergence and breakdown of complexity

IA.   Features of complexity 
        Discussion Leader:  Ronnie Kosloff 

IB.   Transition from atoms to clusters and to condensed matter
       Discussion Leader: David Wales

IC.   Properties of reaction networks
       Discussion Leader:  Aaron Dinner

ID. The emergence of Simplicity from complexity
      Discussion Leader:  John Weeks 

II.  Dynamics at extremes

IIA. Ultrafast nuclear dynamics
      Discussion Leader: Graham Fleming

IIBC. High-energy chemistry ultraintense laser fields, Coulomb explosions
         Discussion Leaders: V. Bonacic-Koutecky, Ludger Woeste

IID.  Structure, function and dynamics relations for nanostructures.
        Discussion Leader: Mark A. Ratner

IIE.   Thermal and electric transport in nanostructures
         Discussion Leader: Abraham Nitzan

IIF.   Chemical dynamics in the ultracold world
        Discussion Leader: Peter Toennies

IIG.  Elementary excitations in ultracold, finite systems.
       Discussion Leader: John Weiner 

III. Grand questions.

IIIA.  Origins of life
        Discussion Leader: Sydney Leach

IIIB.  The chemical universe 
        Discussion Leader: William Klemperer