Internships for high school students

Summer research experiences are an important experience for students interested in pursuing careers in science. We provide an opportunity for high school students to learn about scientific research first hand in MRSEC labs.  A small group of students from Lindblom Math and Science Academy and others, particpate in an 8-week summer internship conducting research under the guidance of graduate students and post-docs.

Apply for Summer Internship 2019


* Applications due February 1st *

Send your applications via email to jeff Gustafson at

Download application form here


During the summer students:

  • Participate in research groups
  • Have weekly meetings with mentors
  • Hear talks from graduate students about research
  • Hear from undergraduate REU students about college and science majors
  • Attend field trips to national labs and parks
  • Give formal presentations of their work at the end of the summer