Past participants and projects

Past Participants and Projects

Summer 2013

Eli Alster (California Institute of Technology, Voth group) “Molecular dynamics of the actin filament branch junction”

Johan Bonilla (Stanford University, Y.K. Kim group): “Optimizing event selections for dark matter production at ATLAS”

Christina Caragine (Renssalear Polytechnic University, Zhang group): “Air flow under thin sheets preceding splashes”

Akaxia Cruz (University of Colorado, Irvine group): “3-Dimensional printing of optical configurations”

Emily Ehlerding (Manchester University of Indiana, Frisch group) Particle Detection with Photomultipliers and Plastic scintillators”

Sankha Ghatak (City College of NY, PREM, Scherer group)

Humberto Gilmer (Rice University, Gladders group) Exploring galaxy morphology through gravitational lensing and internal color dispersion analysis”

Graham Greve (University of Chicago, Simon group) Towards a Piezo-Controlled Atomic Transport system

Tyler Holland-Ashford (Harvey Mudd College, York group) Diffuse interstellar band measurements in a variety of O, B, and A Type stars”

Sebastian Hurtado Parra (St. Joseph’s University, Meyer group) Constructing the holometer”

Samantha Jones (City College of NY, PREM, Nagel group) “Dynamic Contact Angles in Splashing”

Bailey Knapp (University of Arkansas, Chen group) “Finding the light: a discussion of galaxy photometry”

Kaitlyn Lee (University of Chicago, Schuster group): “A novel aluminum-niobium tunnel junction qubit”

Catherine Matulis (Wellesley College, Rosenbaum group):  “Magnetic hysteresis in thin films at room temperature.

Jake Mullen (University of Chicago, Tian group): “Mesporous silicon—towards spatially compartmentalizing capabilities in silicon”

Victoria Norman (University of Chicago, Jaeger group): “Jamming front formation of a single particle rake in a field of bidisperse disks”

Samuel Nuzbrokh (City College of New York, Witten group): “Modeling liquid bridge rupture with SurfaceEvolver”

Andrew Oriani (Case Western Reserve University, Schuster group):  “Superconducting photonic band-gap resonators: theory, design and characterization”

Dylan Sabulsky (University of Chicago, Chin group): “Efficient continuous-duty Bitter-type electromagnets for atomic and optical experiment”

Shohini Sen (SUNY Buffalo, Rice group): “Phase behavior in two-dimensional confined fluids

Da Wi Shin (City College of NY, Jaeger group): “Exploring the possibility of an auxetic granular material through particle design”

Wenli Wu (City College of NY, PREM, Guyot-Sionnest group): “Enhancing the applications of colloidal synthesized gold bipyramids,”

Wenyi Xie (City College of NY, PREM, Lee group)


Summer 2012

Mamadou Bah (City College of NY, PREM, Lin group)

Rachel Bernick (Cornell University, YK Kim group) Calculating the ttbar production cross-section from CDF data and developing testing hardware for building an effective tracker for the Mu2e experiment

Charles Brown (University of Minnesota, Guyot-Sionnest group) “Electrophoretic film deposition of colloidal quantum dots”

Eric Cho (University of Chicago, Irvine group) “Charactizing vortex ring instabilities in viscous fluid”

Dane Christie (City College of NY, PREM, Lee group) “The effects of gold nanoparticles on lipid Langmuir monolayers”

Samantha Dixon (University of Chicago, Privitera group) “Measuring detection efficiency in photomultiplier tubes”

Jonah Eaton (University of Chicago, Schuster group) “Investigating the fabridcation of niobium nitride superconductors for quantum circuits”

Shannon Glavin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Chen group) “An empirical galaxy group finder”

Benjamin Hancock (University of Cincinnati, Efrati group) “Controllability and curvature singularities on the pseudosphere”

Felicity Hills (Bowdoin College, Meyer group) “High frequency noise searching in the Fermilab holometer”

Simon Kelow (Northern Arizona University, Gardel group) “Measuring velocities of polymerized actin filaments on myosin motor motility assay”

Kaitlyn Lee (University of Chicago, Schuster group) “Nanofabrication of Josephson junctions for quantum computing”= 

Isaac Lopez (University of Texas, El Paso, Meyer group) “Construction and characterization of the ADXL203 Accelerometer”

Angel Mancebo (University of Florida, Zhang group) “Vortex Slingshot”

Kelly Mauser (Colorado State University, Nagel group) “Visualizing air around a splashing drop”

Marcos Mendoza (St. Mary’s University, Texas, Irvine group) “Observations of silicon cracking in dual interfaces”

Sanjay Prakadan (University of Chicago, Sibener group) “Microdomain orientation of block-copolymer films on gold-plated quartz crystals”

Leah Roth (St. Olaf College, Jaeger group) “Dynamic jamming in two dimensions”

Shohini Sen (SUNY Buffalo, Rice group) “The effects of confinement on 2-dimensional jamming”

Kate Schreiber (University of Chicago, Chin group) “Generation of charged microdrops from a fluid film on a wire”

Alejo Stark (Brown University, Gladders group) “Is there an AGN in the brightest strongly lensed high redshift galaxy RCSGA 032727-132609?”

David To (Angelo State University, Y.K. Kim group) “Measurement of the ttbar productions cross section in ppbar collisions using Muon+jets data at CDF

Wenyi Xie (City College of NY, PREM, Lin group) “Localization of gold nanoparticles in the one-component lipid langmuyir monolayer”


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