The Physics and Chemistry of Biology

SESAME Course: The Physics and Chemistry of Biology


In this course we will investigate the multiscale and multidisciplinary nature of biomolecular systems. We will begin with an overview of several systems, some of which will be visited again in greater depth later in the course. Several topics from physics and chemistry will be reviewed, and while previous experience in these areas is useful, it is not essential for this course. In particular, we will review the concepts of forces and motion, atoms and molecules, and the fundamentals of protein structure. The course will proceed to cover several topics, including basic measurement (accuracy and precision), the role of shape in nature, proteins and protein folding, acid and base chemistry, lipids, and basic statistics. The latter part of the course will also introduce the use of computational tools in the study and visualization of biological systems. 

Teachers learning to use the Visual Molecular Dynamics space.   Visualizaiton of proteins on a 3D screen