Young Scholars Program

The University of Chicago Department of Mathematics conducts a four-week commuter Young Scholars Program (YSP) in mathematics and computer science for approximately 100 students entering grades 7 through 12. Our MRSEC provides both teachers and funding. The program has three components: one for students entering grades 7-8, one for students entering grades 9-10, and one for students entering grades 11-12. Students in the YSP are exposed to the environment and resources available at a major research university and are provided with the opportunity to obtain a realistic assessment of the requirements necessary to succeed in careers in mathematics and science. There are no fees of any sort for this program. The program’s mathematical focus for Summer 2013 was geometry and symmetry with the content and sophistication varying according to the grade level of the participants. For the Summer 2013 program, a total of 94 students participated.