Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics -- A Symposium in Honor of Gene F. Mazenko: Schedule


(The schedule is available as a PDF here.)

Tutorial for students and postdoctoral researchers

GCIS W301/303, Friday, May 15

3:00 Non-equilibrium fluctuations in active matter
        Srividya Iyer Biswas, University of Chicago

4:15 Some background on nonequilibrium and disordered systems
        Susan Coppersmith, University of Wisconsin

Symposium - A Symposium in Honor of Gene F. Mazenko

KPTC 120, Saturday, May 16

9:30 Superfluids driven far from equilibrium
        Kathy Levin, University of Chicago

10:00 Charge and spin transport in layered ferromagnet/superconductor heterostructures
         Oriol T. Valls, University of Minnesota

10:30 Jumping the START gun: noise-activated dynamics in the cell cycle
         John Hertz, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics

11:00 BREAK (KPTC 206)

11:30 Simple models of earthquake faults: examples of driven dissipative systems
         Harvey Gould, Clark University

12:00 Connecting structure evolution in dense polymeric systems to chain diffusion via dynamical self-consistent field theory
         Robert Wickham, University of Guelph

12:30 LUNCH (KPTC 206)

2:00 Qualitatively different collective and single particle dynamics in a supercooled liquid
         Shankar Das, Jawaharlal Nehru University

2:30 Numerical study of longtime dynamics and ergodic-nonergodic transitions in dense simple fluids
         David McCowan, University of Chicago

3:00 Dynamics of many-body localization
         David Reichman, Columbia University

3:30 BREAK (KPTC 206)

4:00 Nonequlibrium statistical mechanics for cosmic structure formation
         Matthias Bartelmann, Heidelberg University

4:30 Temperature dependence of relaxation in dense atomic liquids
         Hans C. Andersen, Stanford University

5:00 Comments from Gene Mazenko


Quadrangle Club, Saturday, May 16

6:30 Reception and Dinner at Quadrangle Club