Outcomes in Graduate Education: from Condensed Matter to Biological Physics

In Celebration of Leo Kadanoff’s 75th birthday

October 6-7, 2012


This conference will celebrate the immense range of activities in theoretical science that have their foundations in the basic principles of statistical and condensed matter physics, ranging from biology to computer science.

On Friday October 5th, as a satellite to this conference, we have arranged to have two tutorial lectures for students and postdocs on the renormalization group taught by Amy Kolan from St. Olaf College and Marcelo Magnasco from Rockefeller University. 


Invited Speakers include:

Robert Batterman, Philosphy, Univ. Pittsburgh

David Bensimon, Physics, ENS, Paris

Andrea Bertozzi, Mathematics, UCLA

Emily Ching, Physics, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

Sue Coppersmith, Physics, Univ. Wisconsin

Todd Dupont, Computer Science & Mathematics, Univ. Chicago

Nigel Goldenfeld, Physics, UIUC

Ray Goldstein, DAMTP, Cambridge Univ.

Ilya Gruzberg, Physics, Univ. Chicago

Albert Libchaber, Rockefeller Univ.

Detlef Lohse, Physics of Fluids, Univ. Twente

Mike Marder, Physics, Univ. Texas Austin

Sid Nagel, Physics, Univ. Chicago

Dan Rothman, Earth and Planetary Sciences, MIT

Chao Tang, Bio-Physics, UCSF & Peking Univ. 

Scott Shenker, Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Boris Shraiman, KITP, UCSB

Jane Wang, Physics, Cornell Univ. 

Tom Witten, Physics, Univ. Chicago

Ben Widom, Chemistry, Cornell Univ. 

Wendy Zhang, Physics, Univ. Chicago


Organizing Committee:

Michael Brenner, Applied Math, Harvard Univ.

Peko Hosoi, Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Mogens Jensen, Physics, Neils Bohr Institute

Ka Yee Lee, Chemistry, Univ. of Chicago

Marcelo Magnasco, Physics and Biology, Rockefeller Univ.

Sidney Nagel, Physics, Univ. of Chicago

Jane Wang, Physics, Cornell Univ.


Questions regarding the website or online registration should be directed to Meghan Vincent: bushm AT uchicago DOT edu