Outcomes in Graduate Education: from Condensed Matter to Biological Physics

Tutorial Session on the Renormalization Group

As a satellite to this conference we have arranged to have two tutorial lectures for students and postdocs on the renormalization group.  These lectures will take place on Friday afternoon just before the conference starts and are intended to give a primer on the subject and techniques that Leo Kadanoff was so instrumental in inventing and developing.  The first lecturer will be Leo's long-time collaborator, Amy Kolan from St. Olaf College.  She will give a brief overview of how the technique is implemented and what physical insights it encompasses.  The second speaker will be Leo's former student, Marcelo Magnasco from Rockefeller University.  He will talk about how the renormalization group was used in understanding the period-doubling route to chaos. 


Friday                 5 October 2012              Tutorial Session on the Renormalization Group 
1:00 PM        Amy Kolan, St. Olaf College
3:00    Break 
3:15   Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller University
5:15-7:00    Social hour for students and postdocs
7:00-10:00 PM          


Ruth and Leo Kadanoff invite all participants in LeoFest and the preceding tutorial to an informal reception including light refreshments. 

The location is the official meeting hotel, Club Quarters 75 East Wacker Street. 

The reception is in the downstairs rooms of the  restaurant  attached to the hotel, Bella Bacinos on Wacker.