Research Highlights

Shape controls stress-strain
Signature of complex transport dynamics in vitro and in vivo
Energy Loss in Granular Gas Clusters
MHz Nano-mechanical Resonators
High Electron Mobility in Heterostructure Arrays
Evolutionary pattern design for copolymer directed self-assembly
Governed by Microscopic Structure and Fold Kinetics
Information transmission through a material
Determined by Assembly Kinetics
Revealed by Quenches of the Interaction
Folding sheets are a form of soliton
Geometric Stability and Elastic Response of a Supported Gold Nanoparticle Film
Dynamics of drop splashing
Mapping the glassy dynamics of soft spheres onto hard-sphere behavior
Superconductivity in the films of colloidal nanocrystals
Hele Shaw
Granular Materials in a Hele-Shaw Cell
Multicomponent Arrays
Charge transport in arrays of multicomponent nanostructures
Generating well-defined Gradients of Adhesion Molecules for the Attachment of Cells
Spin Blockade
Spin Blockade in a Colloidal CdSe Quantum Dot Solid
Gold Nanocrystal Membrane stretching across hole
Electronic Transport Properties of Artificial Solids
Poster Image
Spinning Bacterial Flagellum Makes Noise
Molecular Diodes
A New Building Block for Molecular Electronics
Experimental Apparatus
How an ordered sand-pack resists a push
A Microfluidic System for Controlling Reaction Networks in Time
Exploring the optical properties of tiny crystals
How electric fields affect fluid flow
Watching a microscopic reconstruction in real-time
Decorating copolymer films with metals
Folding and rippling in surfactant layers
A more reliable and cost-effective method to perform laboratory tests
Can we predict antibiotic resistance via morphology?
Understanding the nature and role of cell adhesion in plants
Special surfaces that can bind and release living cells
Predicting behavior of granular materials
Rational design of interfacial structure
Improving the design of future structural materials
A new approach for treating diseases
Controlling viscous fluids
New route to nanostructured materials?
Spontaneous organization of nanoscale structures
Can a Pile of Beads Hold Itself Up?
Strategies for the design of quantum computers
Wurtzite and Zincblende (Sphalerite) crystal Structures
Watching copolymer molecules organize themselves
Shaping light emission with electric dipoles
Analyzing liquid helium using sound.
A silver compound controls electric current via magnetism
The Step Doubling Effect of Oxygen on Terraced Metal Surfaces
Probing the Pinscape
A Peek at the Superconducting "Pinscape"
Coffee Ring
Why do drying drops leave a ring stain?
Video Frame
Can like-charged particles attract?
Polymer Templates for Nanostructure Fabrication
A Route to Understanding Forces at Extended Surface Defects
Using light to manipulate small particles
Three dimensional convection patterns of poppy seeds
Mustard Seeds
Avalanche in a pile of mustard seeds
Microscopic dynamics of the liquid-glass transition
Self-assembled 6 nm gold islands on diblock copolymers
Fluorescence of single nanocrystals via two-photon excitation
Crumpled Paper
Stretching ridges in a crumpled sheet
Forces between lightwave-sized particles
SIMS compositional imaging
The breakup and control of drops and their satellites