REU Application

*Note if you filled out the google doc application that was previously here,   email/mail 2 letters of recommendation & unofficial transcript to;  or c/o Brenda Thomas; 929 E. 57th Street; Chicago, IL 60637,  before February 15th.  (Don't worry, we received your online application if you submitted it).

Otherwise, please apply at the following link:

Please note that, although this links to our graduate school website,  the application is definitely for this REU program.

Apply to Physics REU program if interested in accelerator physics, high energy physics, astrophysics, cosmology, general relativity, etc.

Apply to Materials REU program if interested in condensed matter phenomena, biophysics, nanomaterials, amo, quantum phenomena, physical/inorganic chemistry, etc.

All materials are directed to the same destination, and all applications are considered for all available positions, but this initial sorting gives us some idea of your primary interests.

Questions?  email