S3 Project: Sights and Sounds of Science

Project Goals:

To provoke discussion and to explore a dialog between the arts and sciences, the Chicago Materials Research Center initiated the S3Project: Sounds and Sights of Science. The goal was to take a fresh look at the interface between science and art and to map out creative connections between the two. What new dimensions are opened up for science if the scientific approach includes vocabulary drawn from music or the visual arts? Where does science turn into art? Where does art enter science? What untapped potential for artistic expression is lurking in the output of cutting edge scienceThe S3 Project focused on areas of scientific inquiry and artistic expression that rarely have been brought together, yet whose final “products” are a significant part of daily life.

Entries were judged on the following criteria:

• artistic and/or scientific merit
• degree to which the entry provides a new perspective on either science or art
• success in translating between artistic and scientific vocabularies (for example, translating specific scientific results into visual or aural experiences with artistic content)
• originality of approach


Winning Projects:

S3 2006-2007

S3 2005

S3 2004

S3 2003