Science at the Interface

A Symposium in Honor of Steven J. Sibener

March 28th and 29th, 2014

This conference will bring together a diverse collection of scientists whose common focus is understanding the complex chemistry and physics that take place at interfaces while emphasizing the intuitive approach that has often characterized Steve's many contributions to the field.

In addition to a conference scheduled for Saturday, March 29th, there will be a Pedagogical Tutorial for all students and postdoctoral researchers on the afternoon of Friday, March 28th.  Please see conference schedule for more details.

Invited Speakers and Discussion Leaders:

Paul Weiss (UCLA), Tutorial
Gil Nathanson (UW-Madison), Tutorial
Miquel Salmeron (LBL), Tutorial
Seth Darling (Argonne), host 
Bill Hase (Texas Tech), Session Chair 
Matt Sfeir (Brookhaven Nat’l Lab), Talk 
Dan Koleske (Sandia Nat’l Lab), Talk
Dan Gaspar (Pacific Northwest Nat’l Lab), Talk
Abe Nitzan (Tel Aviv), Session Chair
Dmitri Talapin (UChicago), Talk
Miriam Freedman (Penn State), Talk 
Jong-In Hahm (Georgetown), Talk
Gaby Avila-Bront (UChicago), Talk
Bruce Kay (Pacific Northwest Nat’l Lab), Session Chair 
Dan Killelea (Loyola), Talk
Wilson Ho (UC-Irvine), Talk
Aubrey Hanbicki (Naval Research Lab), Talk
John Tully (Yale), Lecture
Mark Cardillo (Dreyfus Foundation), Dinner Host
Piergiorgio Casavecchia (University of Perugia, Italy), Dinner Host