Diblock Copolymer Defects Glossary

To anneal is simply to heat in an oven at a certain rate and then cool again. The polymer films in this study were annealed at 523 K (300 degrees F, a typical temperature for a kitchen oven) heated at 5 K/minute and cooled at 2 K/min.
Electric field
The change in the region around a charge that makes other charges attract or repel it.
Micrometer (µm)
A micrometer (µm), also known as a micron, is one-millionth of a meter.
Nanometer (nm)
A nanometer (nm) is one-billionth of a meter.
Polymers are large molecules made by joining small molecules together in a chain. Examples: polyethylene, proteins, DNA. For more information on polymers see this site.
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
SEM is an electron microscope in which a beam of electrons is focused and moved across an object. The secondary electrons produced by the object and the electrons scattered by the object are collected and form a three-dimensional image on a cathode-ray t ube. For more information on this device, see this site.
Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
In a transmission electron microscope, electrons are transmitted through the material to be studied, which can only be a fraction of a micrometer thick. Electrons are absorbed differently by different atoms, and this can be used to form an image. The el ectrons fall on a fluorescent screen for quick imaging, as well as on the emulsion of a photographic plate for a permanent image. For more information, see this site.

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