Marwen Art and Science Program

In order to engage a wider variety of K-12 students in science we have developed a scientifically focused summer art class. We partner with Marwen Art foundation to introduce artistically minded high school students to the beauty of science. Marwen Art Foundation educates and inspires under-served young people through the visual arts. They achieve their mission by providing free visual art classes to Chicago youth, grades 6-12. 

Summer 2013 

“Beyond the Naked Eye” was a summer class co-developed as a partnership between the University of Chicago Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) and Marwen Foundation teaching artist Marta Garcia. The class brought 16 high school students from around the city of Chicago to MRSEC labs for two weeks in July 2013.

The students built photographic sets in the studio and worked with instrumentation in the MRSEC shared microscopy facilities. They learned to use technical photography, high-speed imaging, optical microscopy, and electron microscopy. Our goal was to introduce the students to aspects of their world that they had never thought to observe closely or couldn’t see without special equipment. Using high-speed photography and microscopy the students were able to capture the hidden beauty of the everyday world.

Capturing droplet splashing with a high speed camera.

Summer 2014

We are currently planning a new digital photography class focused on the behavior of fluids.