Physics with a Bang!

Our Physics with a Bang! Holiday lecture and Open House brings those from our surrounding communities for a public "lecture" comprised of rapid-fire science demonstrations developed by UChicago MRSEC faculty.  Additionally, the public can tour MRSEC labs and participate in hands-on activities with MRSEC researchers in Demo Alley

Students, families, teachers and especially the curious are invited to attend our annual Physics with a Bang! Holiday Lecture and Open House.

Lecture:  See fast, loud, surprising and beautiful physics demos performed by Profs. Heinrich Jaeger and Sidney Nagel.

Guided Lab tours:   See our scientists in their natural habitats and ask them about their latest discoveries.....

Demo Alley: Participate in hands-on activities related to research and try doing the demos yourself.....

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This event will take place on December 9th, 2023 this year.

Location:  Kersten Physics Teaching Center; 5720 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637       

Floating a Boat on air!
Getting closer to the demo!
Fascination with leftover mist....
Tour of Irvine lab
Tour of Nagel lab
Tour of Schuster lab
Demo Alley
Hovercraft rides in Demo Alley