Physics with a Bang! and Open House

Physics with a Bang! and JFI Open House is a free holiday lecture and tour that takes place at the University of Chicago annually in early December. The Physics with a Bang! is a live show led by physics professors Nagel and Jaeger followed by guided tours of MRSEC labs and facilities with hands-on demonstrations. Visitors can learn more and experiment themselves in Demo and Theory Alley. 

Each year hundreds of University and Hyde Park community members come out to see the exciting hour-long show. To meet demand the program has expanded to two shows and a live video feed for the over flow seating area. 

Sinking a boat in SF6 Demo Alley Lab Tours

The lecture includes numerous science demos with instant playback from high-speed video from our MRSEC shared facilities. This allows the audience to see exactly what happens when a balloon explodes or a wine glass is shattered with sound. 

Videos of demonstrations
High-speed movies
Demo alley events