For Our Neighborhood

Our programs for K-12 students and teachers-training courses are designed with intention of encouraging underrepresented minority students throughout the South Side of Chicago to participate in science. We especially delight in our After-School Science Clubs, which actively engage students in scientific inquiry and foster mentoring relationships with Center participants.

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Programs for students (and families) during the school year:

After-School Science Clubs

Out-of-school-time activities are shown to be highly effective at engaging youth. The recurring nature of  our science clubs allows our MRSEC to work closely with a group of students on a sustained basis, and introduces activities that align with student interests. Participating MRSEC members contribute scientific expertise, develop camaraderie with each student cohort, and become more effective mentors to these students.

Family Science Nights

We partner with K-12 schools to provide support in designing and running Family Science Nights throughout the school year. This is a free service and our team of volunteers bring in supplies, set up science stations, and run interactive demonstrations for families. 

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Summer programs for students:

eSMART  (for high school students interested in physics.)

Through this immersive program, students meet our scientists, learn about research, tour our facilities, try hands-on experiments, and attend field trips to museums and laboratories.


Teacher Professional Development

Polk Brothers Math Program

We collaborate with Prof. Bob Fefferman, Department of Mathematics, who runs the Polk Brothers Mathematics Program at the University of Chicago.  In each session, we introduce teachers to practical applications of the mathematics to materials science and demonstrate activities which they can incorporate into their classrooms.