Friday, June 2 

MRSEC Tutorials for graduate students and postdocs
Kersten Physics Teaching Center (KPTC) 
5720 S. Ellis Ave. 
Room 206 

1:30 pm Xiang Cheng and John Royer: "Granular Physics Future Preview"

2:00pm Xiao-Min Lin: "Nanoscience Research Activity and Facility at Argonne"

2:30pm Ward Lopes: "Journey From University to Industry"

Saturday, June 3

Jaeger Fest Symposium
Gordon Center for Integrative Science (GCIS)  
929 E. 57th Street 
Room W301/303 


8:00-8:30am Breakfast/ coffee
8:30-8:45am   Opening remarks: Sid Nagel 

Session I

Martin van Hecke: "Transformer"
Xiang Cheng:  "A tribute to the Sandman”

Bob Behringer: “Fun in the sandbox with Heinrich” 
Marc Miskin: "Graphene Origami'
Eric Corwin: “Gettin' jiggy wit it: Creating a Metafluid that is Newtonian, thermal, and entirely tunable” 

10:45-11:15am Break

Session II

Chris Murray: “Nanocrystal membranes and multilayer through liquid-interfacial assembly.”
Xiao-Min Lin: “A journey to Understand Nanoscale Trampoline” 


12:05-1:00pm Informal discussions over lunch

Session III

Juan de Pablo
:  "TBD"
Raghu Parthasarathy: “Glimpses of Gut Microbes” 

Troy Shinbrot: "Ballistic Segregation on Asteroids" 
Andrea Liu: “Designing allostery-inspired response in disordered networks” 

2:50-3:20pm Break

Session IV

Itai Cohen: “Tunable shear thickening”
Matthias Moebius: “2D foams above the jamming transition” 
John Royer:  “Nano-scale surface forces in grains and suspensions”

Ying Liu: “From ultrathin granular films to single “grains” of superconductors” 
Holger Grahn: “Why are Semiconductor Superlattices are Chaotic?” 

Conclude at 5:15pm

Suspension Rheology

Xiang Cheng Video Link:

Granular Physics of Dense Suspensions

John Royer Video Link:

The Center for Nanoscale Materials

Xiao-Min Lin Video Link:

Journey from University to Industry

Ward Lopes Video Link: