Tutorial for students and postdoctoral researchers 

KPTC 120, Friday, Oct 21

2:00 PM  Critical Phenomena, Nigel Goldenfeld (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

3:15 PM  Break

3:45 PM  Turbulence, Detlef Lohse (University of Twente, Netherlands)

5:00 PM Pizza dinner for students/postdocs

Kadanoff Memorial Symposium:

KPTC 106, Saturday, Oct 22

9:00 AM         Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15 AM         Pierre Hohenberg - An Overview of Leo's Scientific Legacy

9:40 AM         Édouard Brézin - Critical fluctuations : Leo's legacy

10:05 AM       Michael Fisher - Leo Kadanoff as I knew him

10:30 AM       Break

11:00 AM        Susan Coppersmith - Searching for more simple lessons from complexity

11:25 AM        Mitch Feigenbaum

11:50 AM        Scott Shenker - What I Learned from Leo

12:15 PM       Lunch                                                                             

2:00 PM         Albert Libchaber

2:25 PM         Boris Shraiman - New Physics from Biology?

2:50 PM         Sara Solla - Learning in a noisy environment: a Lyapunov equation approach

3:15 PM         David Bensimon - A quantitative perturbative study of somitogenesis

3:40 PM         Break           

4:10 PM          Tony Leggett - Topological quantum computing in (p+ip) Fermi superfluids:some unorthodox thoughts

4:35 PM          Amy Kolan - Interactive Computation for Undergraduates: The Next Generation

5:00 PM  David Nelson - Non-Hermitian Localization in Biological Networks             


5:45 PM             Reception and Dinner at Quadrangle Club (University Ave and 57th Street)

KPTC 106, Sunday, Oct 23

9:00 AM            Gordon  Baym - [Baym,Kadanoff]

9:25 AM            Steve Shenker - Black holes and random matrices

9:50 AM            Ben Widom - On being educated by Leo Kadanoff


10:15 AM          Break         


10:45 AM           Guenter Ahlers - From critical phenomena to turbulence: How I benefited from knowing Leo

11:10 AM           Emily Ching - Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection with polymers: understanding how heat flux is modified

11:35 AM           Ray Goldstein - Unstable Minimal Surfaces, Topological Transitions, and Systolic Geometry

12:00 noon        Chao Tang - Growth behavior of microbes: Monod's problem revisited

12:25 PM           Lunch


2:00 PM              Jane Wang - Insect flight: from newton's to neurons

2:25 PM              Mogens Jensen - Mode Hopping in Cell Dynamics

2:50 PM              Dan Rothman - Ocean-Acidification Transition

3:15 PM              Michael Brenner - Singularities

3:40  PM             Adjourn         

Tutorial on renormalisation group

Nigel Goldenfield Video Link:

Rayleigh-BĂ©nard and Taylor-Couette turbulence

Detlef Lohse Video Link: