Past Participants and Projects

Summer 2020 (virtual program)

Abigail Adams (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, Jaeger group) "Anomalous Transport by Collison Control: the Demon Particle" 
Jonathan Alvarado (Macalester College, Witten group) "Modeling gyrating motion using Mathematica"
David Atri-Schuller (Drake University, K. Levin group) "Quasicrystal formation in simulated Bose-Einstein Condensates"
Lilliana Castrellon (University of Denver, York group) "Interstellar clouds nand its relationship with stars"
Shamaul Dilmohamed (University of Chicago, Dwarkadas group) "Analyzing Aluminum-26 production from Massive stars"
Kyra Fichman (University of Michigan, McMahon group) "Limits on Direct Detection of Cosmix Strings"
Joshua Harry (University of Kentucky, York group) "Interstellar clouds and diffuse interstellar bands"
Luis Hidalgo (Harvey Mudd College, YK Kim group) "Warm-start Gaussian Process optimization with non-zero priors for online accelerator tuning"
Cesar Lema (New York University, dePablo group) "Deep learning predictions of gas permeability in polymer membranes"
Alexandra Rensing (Swarthmore College, Nagel group) "Use it or lose it: a directed aging protocol"
Alyssa Rogers (Brandeis University, Rogers group) "Radiogenic heating and the thermal evolution of Earth-like exo-planets"

Summer 2019

Lucas Baralt Nazario (University of Chicago, Chin group) "Linewidth determination of 852 nm external cavity diode laser in cat-eye configuration"
David Carcamo (Johns Hopkins University, Schuster group) "On-Chip superconducting CPW Directional Coupler"
Michelle Chong (University of Chicago, Chin group) "Towards optical control and characterization of a thermophoretic system"
LaNijah Flagg (Hampton University, Lee group) "Osmotic pressure-induced binding of alpha synuclein to unilamellar vesicles"
Andre Fonseca (Cornell University, YK Kim group) "Quadrupole barnes-hut algorithm in ultrafast electron diffraction"
Samuel Gomez (Johns Hopkins University, York group) "Connecting Interstellar Atoms, Known Diatomic Molecules, and Unidentified Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs)"
Chelsey Gonzalez (University of San Francisco, YK Kim group) "LCLS-II injector optimization comparison using machine learning methods"
Tamara Gonzalez Acevedo (University of Puerto Rico, YK Kim group) "Optimizing the laser optics set-up to lower the emittance of the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator"
isabel Fernandez (American University, Awschalom group) "Optimizing contrast in Spin Detection of NV- Center"
Ray Hagimoto (University of Texas San Antonio, Hogan group) "Spooky inflation symmetries"
Josemanuel Hernandez (Northwestern University, York group) "Connecting interstellar atoms, known atoms and Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs)
Sarah Jones (Colorado School of Mines, Guyot-Sionnest group) "Characterization of imprinted HgTe colloidal quantum dot thin films by means of AFM quantitative nanomechanical mapping"
Madeleine Kerr (Harvey Mudd College, Kawalik group)  "STEM + Theater = Interdisciplinary Storytelling"
Jon Kutasov (Princeton University, Murugan group) "Using disturbances on intermediate timescales to maximize generalist occupancy"
Erin Levesque (University of Michigan, Privitera group) "The ArduSiPM Muon Detector"
Collin Lewis.(University of Arizona, Hogan group) "Investigating a key feature of spooky inflation in WMAP observations"
Jessica Liston (Columbia University, Rogers group) "Adding water worlds to a model of the kepler exoplanets"
Lily Mansfield (University of Chicago, Nagel group) "Puzzling Pinning Problem Probed with Positive Potentials: Electrowetting on Droplets"
Kendall Mehling (University of Chicago, Wah group) "Dark photon search in Kaon decay"
Davis Muhwezi (Utah State University, Kutasov group) "Entanglement entropy in a free scalar model in 1+1 dimensions"
Daniel Ruan (University of Chicago, Nagel group) "Tuning elastic responses of disordered networks"
Daniel Swartz (Johns Hopkins University, Vaikuntanathan group) "Self assembly far from equilibrium"
Alyssa Warrior (SUNY Fredonia, Shirakoff group) "Kinetic Inductance Parametric Up-converter (KPUP) readout hardware for next generation CMB Detection"
Wenxi Yao (University of Chicago, Chin group) "Passive swimming in chiral active fluids"
Margot Young (University of Chicago, Jaeger group) "Unsteady flow in shear thickening dense suspensions"

Summer 2018

Daniel Anderson (Georgia Tech, Tian group) "Self-folding methods in origami engineering
Jeriann Beiter (Rochester Institute of Technology, Vaikuntanathan group) "Trajectory biasing and solvent-solute coupling
Liam Brennan (University of Florida, Collar group) "Simulating coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
Zoe deBeurs (University of Texas, Austin, Meyer & Olinto groups) "Thermal modeling of infrared cloud monitor
Peter Fields (City College of NY, Privitera group) "Large scale anisotropy studies of cosmic rays due to a planar distribution of sources,"
Roy Garcia (Columbia University, Frisch group) "Selection technique to separate Cherenkov and scintillation light in neutrinoless double beta decay in large liqued scintillator detectors"
Louis Gonzales (Georgia State University, York group) "Unidentified diffuse interstellar bands: the Anomaly of the C2DIBs"
Denise Hernandez (Claremont McKenna College, Schuster group) "Amplifier characterization for quantum computing purposes"
Nicholas Hilgert (Purdue University, Palmer group) "Cracking the collective neural code of retina ganglion cells"
Keith Hermanek (Illinois Institute of Technology, Wald group) "Trumpet slicing in Schwarzschild and Kerr Spacetimes"
Rohan Lopez (Pomona College, Frisch group) "Developing a quantum efficiencey measurement system for Large Area Picosecond  Photodetedtors (LAPPDs)"
Aisha Massiah (University of Connecticut, Scolnic group) "The search for galaxies that host multiple supernovae"
Hannah McCall (Washington University in St. Louis, Scolnic group) "Supernova cosmology with luminous red galaxies"
Josephine Meyer (Stanford, Schuster group) "Libraries for control of Keysight M3xxxA series modules and quantum error correction"
Maria Neuzil (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, Kravtsov group) "The lanes of satellite galaxies problem and the rarity of the local volume"
Erick Orozco (Boston University, Frisch group) "Data acquistion and quantum efficiency"
Junior Pena (University of Southern California, York group) "Measurement of the Diffuse Interstellar bands
Michael Saavedra (Case Western Reserve University, Holz group) "Gaussian process surrogate model for Kilonova"
Emma Simmerman (University of Colorado, Boulder, Scherer group) "Probing barrier-crossing dynamics in an optical matter system"
Stephanie Taylor (University of California, Santa Barbara, Voth group) "Molecular dynamic simulaions of a room temperature ionic liquid"
Guadalupe Villagran (Valparaiso University, Tian group) "Taking axial rotation and translational movement with kinked silicon nanowires"

Summer 2017

Noor Al-Sayyad (University of Texas, Austin, Gladders group) "Modeling SDSS J2222+2745: A Sextuply-Lensed Quasar""
Rachel Christina Amaro (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigh Scolnic group)  "Point Spread Function Photometry for Kepler"
Jeffrey Andrade (Harvard University, K. Levin) “Instabilities in Interaction-Modulated Superfluids”
Sabrina Berger (University of California, Berkeley, Rogers group) "Quantifying the Effects of Temperature on Rocky Exoplanets"
Paris Blaisdell-Pijuan (Cal State University, Fullerton, Ocola group, ANL) Seed Layer Dependence of Photoluminescence for Infiltrated ZnO Nanostructures on Ps-b-PMMA"
Isabelle Bunge (Smith College, Dinner group) “Modeling a Liquid Crystal Phase for Cross-linked Actin Filaments”
Samuel Carman (University of Wisconsin, Madison, Schuster group) “Design and Construction of a 50 mK Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator”
Enid Cruz-Colon (Univ. of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, Fabrycky broup)  "Numerical analysis of 3-body resonances in multi-planetary resonant chains"
Elyssa Ferguson (University of Maryland, Baltimore County Jaeger group) “Platy particles' Influence on the Behavior of Granular Packings” 
Eliza Gazda (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Frisch group) "Developing Large Area Picosecond Photon- Detectors"
Jesse Adam Lard (University of North Florida, Shirakoff group) "Fourier Transform Spectroscopy"
Analis Lawrence (Florida International University,  Chen group) "Modeling OVI Absorbers per Redshift in the Halos of Blue Galaxies"
Tell Peter Lott (Howard University, Benson group) "Fourier Transform Spectroscopy – Cryostat Coupling"
Guillermo Michelena (Colorado State University, York group) "Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs)"
Brandon Nadal (Cornell University, Miller group) "Development and Extension of Zynq on-board Monitoring"
Kristi Pepa (City College of New York, Galli group) “Molecular Dynamics of CdSe & PbSe Nanoclusters” 
MaCheaux Ransom (University of Chicago, Vieregg grou) "Power System for Ultra High Energy Neutrino Triggering Array: as a part of the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA)"
Brandon Nicholas Read (University of California- Los Angeles, Lin group) “Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Gold Nanoparticles Ligated with Alkylthiol Chains” 
Renee Scarpaci (City College of New York, Lee group), “TIM Protein Binding Enhancement with Increased Fluidity of Membranes” 
Nicholas Schulman (City College of New York, Guyot-Sionnest group) “Mercury Telluride Quantum Dots (qd): Study of their Synthesis for Application in Infrared (IR) Photoconductors and Photodetectors” 
Kayvon Tabrizi (Johns Hopkins University,  Sosnick group) “Improving Protein Molecular Dynamics Potentials through Regression Models”
Cheyne Weis (Kansas State University, Wah group) "Kaon Decay Reconstruction"
Gina Wong (University of Maryland, Chin group) “Locking Laser Frequency”
Eric Wynne (University of Illinois – Urbana-Champagne, Sibener group) “Phase Separation of Mixed Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold

Summer 2016

Lateef Aliyu (City College of NY, Nagel group) "Testing the effects of paticles on contact line pinning”
Quazetta Brown (Middle Tennessee State University, Al-Halliq group) "A Study of Setup and Breath Hold Reproducibility of Breast Cancer Patients treated with Deep Inhalation Breath Hold (DIBH)"
Alexandra Carruthers (Univ. of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, Murugan group);“Self-folding origami with curvature”
Michelle Chalupnik (Univ. of Chicago, Simon group) “Creating phase-corrected holograms with a digital micromirror device”
Rebecca Cheng (Brown University, Jaeger group) “Shear-thickening flow curves and viscosity fluctuations in synthetic pMMA suspensions”
Freddy Cisneros (Univ. of CA, Santa Cru, Schuster/Simon groups) “100 GHz Microwave Resonator” 
Jennifer Crawford (Univ. of Florida,Levin, Physics) “Simulating a quantum phase transition of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a shaken optical lattice”
Anthony Coleman (Chicago State University, YK Kim group) "Proton, Proton Collisions:  Rations, measureing the transverse momentum and energy.  “How well Ratios match with respect to different energy scales.”
Julian Cuevas-Zepeda (University of California Merced, Privitera group)  "Calibration of CCDs with Optical Photons"
Marina David (Ohio State University, Wald group) "Deformations of the Horizon Generators of a Schwarzschild Black Hole Induced by Gravitational Waves"
Sydney Duncan (University of Utah, Shirakoff group)  "Cryogenic Thermal Source for Cosmic Micowave Background Detectors"
Elena Glen (Brown University, Awschalom group); “Characterization of silicon carbide using optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) to determine eligibility as a material for use in surface acoustic resonators for hybrid quantum systems development”
Joscelyne Guzman (Univ. of Texas, El Paso, Giger group) Investigation of Radiographic Texture Analysis of Head and Neck Cancers on CT in Assessing Response to Therapy"
David Higgs (Carleton College, Ocola group) “Characterizing growth of sequential infiltration synthesized ZnO in a block copolymer”
Analis Lawrence (Florida International University, Grandi group) "Gain Calibration of a Hamamatsu R11410 PMT used in Liquid Xenon Detectors"
Margaret Lazorovits (University of Chicago, Kim group) "Energy Calibration of High Energy Jets at ATLAS"
Hannah Liss (University of Oregon, York group) "Correlations of Diffuse Interstellar Band Carriers to Gain an Understanding of the Interstellar Medium"
Arlo Marquez-Grap (University of California, Santa Barbara, Meyer group) "Straight to Bent Arm Michelson Interferometer Construction"
Marissa Montoya (University of Chicago, Chin group)“Particle ejection using vibration” 
Olivia Peeps (Stanford Univ., Gardel group) “Analysis of cell shape in apical and basal slices during monolayer jamming transition”
Maria Prado (Williams College, Schmitz group) "νe Signal Variations in the Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment Due to νe Disappearance"
Jesse Rodriguez (Oregon State University, York group) "Measurement and Analysis of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in Order to Better Understand Interstellar Media"
Sebastian Wagner-Carena (Harvard University, Carlstrom group) "Algorithms for Emissive Source Removal in South Pole Telescope Data"
Zingyeng Zheng (Univ. of Minnesota, Irvine group) “Building an apparatus to study crack interaction on Gaussian curvature” 

Summer 2015

Diane Alkatout (University of Chicago, Kovar group) “Characterization of the Actin-Binding Protein Flightless-1”
Jalaan Avritte (Clemson University, Schuster group) “Improvement of Sintered Copper Heat Exchanger for a Helium Dilution Fridge”
Adam Ball (Caltech, Sethi group) "Determination of the ground state of the D0-D4 brane system"
Hannah Binney (Iniversity of Chicago, YK Kim group) "Comparison of the Higgs production via the vector-boson fusion process between 8TeV and 13 TeV collisions at the Large Hadron Collider"
Aine Connolly (Vassar College, Ocola group) “Photoluminescence and properties of SiS- processed ZnO in a PMMA matrix”
Maria Cortes Ruiz (City College of NY, Jaeger group) “Mechanical Properties of Gold Nanoparticle Membranes on Surfaces with Gaussian Curvature”
Marina David (Ohio State University, Schmitz group) "Analyzing shower reconstruction in MicroBooNE"
Sophie Ettinger (University of Chicago, Irvine group) “Reversing Vortex Knots in a Superfluid”
Jannatul Ferdaous (City College of NY, Tian group); “Photothermal simulation of porous silicon in COMSOL Multiphysics”
Emilie Fisher (Scripps College, Biron group) “Automating the counting process of eggs obtained from stressed & sleep-deprived worms”
Emily Griffith (Grinnell College, Meyer group) "The Use of Thermal Lines in Measuring Temperature Cnages and Calculating Calibration Constants for the Fermilab Holometer"
Saki Kamon (University of Texas, Austin, Chen group) "Near Infrared Imaging Data Reduction on Gammay Ray Burst Host Galaxy Fields"
Kimberly Kawczinski (University of Chicago, Nagel group) "Contact Line Pinning in Evaporating Drops of Solution"
Arthur Kock (Texas A&M Unversity, Privitera group) "Setup & Tests of a CCD Controller for DAMIC (Dark Matter in CCDs"
Aaron Lackey-Stewart (Moorhead State University, Carlstrom group) "Creating Low Noise Maps of Calibration Sources for the University of Chicago's South Pole Telescope"
Katrina Miller (Duke University, Bean group) "Focal Ratio Degradation in Noncircular Optical Fibers"
Victoria Norman (University of Chicago, Schuster group) "Improving Qubit Quality Factors through Exotic Materials"
Katherine Oosterbaan (University of Chicago, Sibener group) “Two potential methods for use in Water Pollution”
Joanna Perido (Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, Geiger group) "
Maria Prado (Williams College, Blucher group) "Decay Time Constants of Oxygenated vs Deoxygenated Linear Alkylbenzene Liquid Scintillator for the SNO+ Experiment"
Tyler Smart (Humboldt State University, Chin group) “External grating cavity to reduce laser linewidth and extend Bose-Einstein condensate lifetime in optical Feshbach resonance experiments”
Melissa Wong (McGill University, Biron group) "Measuring Food Availability in caenorhabditis elegans Feeding experiments in Real Time"

Summer 2014

Ibrahim Abdurrahman (Shippensburg University, Wang group)  "Optimizing LHC search for Higgsino Dark Matter"
Maria Benitez-Jones (University of New Mexico, Gardel group) "Role of SMIFH2 in MDCK 2D Cell Migration: Small molecule inhibitor of formin homology 2"
Elizabeth Berge (Hamline University, B. Lin group)
Hannah Binney (University of Chicago, Y.K. Kim group) "Search for Higgs-->bb decay in VBF production at ATLAS with 8 tev"
Carlos Blanco (Purdue University, Wang group)
Hope Bretscher (University of Chicago, Awschalom group)
Emma Castiglia (University of Chicago, Y.K. Kim group) "Higgs + Dark Matter at ATLAS"
Harry Charalambous (City College of NY, Schuster group)
Alexander David (City College of NY, Gardel group)
Ed Izaguirre (California Polytechnic State University, Meyer group) "The search for holographic noise (at Fermilab)"
Ethan Jahn (Indiana University of PennsylvaniaGladders group)  "Galactic Star Formation Rates:  The stellar mass independence of star formation rates"
Brendan Murphy (Arizona State University, Frisch group) "Investigating 'Cu Scavenging' in the development and Assembly of a 20x20 cm2 glass-body MCP based Photodetector Tile"
Andy Murray (Florida State University, K. Levin group)
Victoria Norman (University of Chicago, Schuster group)
Rogelio Ochoa (University of Texas, El Paso, Privitera group)  DAMIC (Dark Matter in CCDs)
Paloma Ocola (Chin) Building a Zeeman slower for cesium
Alismari Read (City College of NY, Irvine group)
Monica Ripp (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, Biron group) "Sleep deprivation:  Intermediate disturbance techniques for use with c. elegans"
Indroneil Roy (City College of NY, Lee group)
Michelle Solomon (Boston College, Guyot-Sionnest group)
Kathleen Suvada (Elmhurst College, Nagel group)
Ernesto Vaca (Clackamas State University, York group) "Diffuse Interstellar Bands"
Emily Witt (St. Olaf College, Carlstrom group)  "Variability of astronomical (point) sources in the microwave sky"

Summer 2013

Eli Alster (California Institute of Technology, Voth group) “Molecular dynamics of the actin filament branch junction”
Johan Bonilla (Stanford University, Y.K. Kim group): “Optimizing event selections for dark matter production at ATLAS”
Christina Caragine (Renssalear Polytechnic University, Zhang group): “Air flow under thin sheets preceding splashes”
Akaxia Cruz (University of Colorado, Irvine group): “3-Dimensional printing of optical configurations”
Emily Ehlerding (Manchester University of Indiana, Frisch group) Particle Detection with Photomultipliers and Plastic scintillators”
Sankha Ghatak (City College of NY, PREM, Scherer group)
Humberto Gilmer (Rice University, Gladders group) Exploring galaxy morphology through gravitational lensing and internal color dispersion analysis”
Graham Greve (University of Chicago, Simon group) Towards a Piezo-Controlled Atomic Transport system
Tyler Holland-Ashford (Harvey Mudd College, York group) Diffuse interstellar band measurements in a variety of O, B, and A Type stars”
Sebastian Hurtado Parra (St. Joseph’s University, Meyer group) Constructing the holometer”
Samantha Jones (City College of NY, PREM, Nagel group) “Dynamic Contact Angles in Splashing”
Bailey Knapp (University of Arkansas, Chen group) “Finding the light: a discussion of galaxy photometry”
Kaitlyn Lee (University of Chicago, Schuster group): “A novel aluminum-niobium tunnel junction qubit”
Catherine Matulis (Wellesley College, Rosenbaum group):  “Magnetic hysteresis in thin films at room temperature.
Jake Mullen (University of Chicago, Tian group): “Mesporous silicon—towards spatially compartmentalizing capabilities in silicon”
Victoria Norman (University of Chicago, Jaeger group): “Jamming front formation of a single particle rake in a field of bidisperse disks”
Samuel Nuzbrokh (City College of New York, Witten group): “Modeling liquid bridge rupture with SurfaceEvolver”
Andrew Oriani (Case Western Reserve University, Schuster group):  “Superconducting photonic band-gap resonators: theory, design and characterization”
Dylan Sabulsky (University of Chicago, Chin group): “Efficient continuous-duty Bitter-type electromagnets for atomic and optical experiment”
Shohini Sen (SUNY Buffalo, Rice group): “Phase behavior in two-dimensional confined fluids
Da Wi Shin (City College of NY, Jaeger group): “Exploring the possibility of an auxetic granular material through particle design”
Wenli Wu (City College of NY, PREM, Guyot-Sionnest group): “Enhancing the applications of colloidal synthesized gold bipyramids,”
Wenyi Xie (City College of NY, PREM, Lee group)

Summer 2012

Mamadou Bah (City College of NY, PREM, Lin group)
Rachel Bernick (Cornell University, YK Kim group) Calculating the ttbar production cross-section from CDF data and developing testing hardware for building an effective tracker for the Mu2e experiment
Charles Brown (University of Minnesota, Guyot-Sionnest group) “Electrophoretic film deposition of colloidal quantum dots”
Eric Cho (University of Chicago, Irvine group) “Charactizing vortex ring instabilities in viscous fluid”
Dane Christie (City College of NY, PREM, Lee group) “The effects of gold nanoparticles on lipid Langmuir monolayers”
Samantha Dixon (University of Chicago, Privitera group) “Measuring detection efficiency in photomultiplier tubes”
Jonah Eaton (University of Chicago, Schuster group) “Investigating the fabridcation of niobium nitride superconductors for quantum circuits”
Shannon Glavin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Chen group) “An empirical galaxy group finder”
Benjamin Hancock (University of Cincinnati, Efrati group) “Controllability and curvature singularities on the pseudosphere”
Felicity Hills (Bowdoin College, Meyer group) “High frequency noise searching in the Fermilab holometer”
Simon Kelow (Northern Arizona University, Gardel group) “Measuring velocities of polymerized actin filaments on myosin motor motility assay”
Kaitlyn Lee (University of Chicago, Schuster group) “Nanofabrication of Josephson junctions for quantum computing”= 
Isaac Lopez (University of Texas, El Paso, Meyer group) “Construction and characterization of the ADXL203 Accelerometer”
Angel Mancebo (University of Florida, Zhang group) “Vortex Slingshot”
Kelly Mauser (Colorado State University, Nagel group) “Visualizing air around a splashing drop”
Marcos Mendoza (St. Mary’s University, Texas, Irvine group) “Observations of silicon cracking in dual interfaces”
Sanjay Prakadan (University of Chicago, Sibener group) “Microdomain orientation of block-copolymer films on gold-plated quartz crystals”
Leah Roth (St. Olaf College, Jaeger group) “Dynamic jamming in two dimensions”
Shohini Sen (SUNY Buffalo, Rice group) “The effects of confinement on 2-dimensional jamming”
Kate Schreiber (University of Chicago, Chin group) “Generation of charged microdrops from a fluid film on a wire”
Alejo Stark (Brown University, Gladders group) “Is there an AGN in the brightest strongly lensed high redshift galaxy RCSGA 032727-132609?”
David To (Angelo State University, Y.K. Kim group) “Measurement of the ttbar productions cross section in ppbar collisions using Muon+jets data at CDF
Wenyi Xie (City College of NY, PREM, Lin group) “Localization of gold nanoparticles in the one-component lipid langmuyir monolayer”