Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter Symposium 2022

 The University of Chicago and University of California San Diego MRSECs are co-sponosoring a Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter Symposium.  This provides a platform for exceptional early-career scientists in the broad field of soft and biological matter to present their work.  The speakers are chosen for their track record of research accomplishments and demonstrated contributions to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM. 

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All times are indicated in Central Daylight Time. 

Thursday, October 6

10:30 a.m. Tech Check  - Margaret Gardel (Symposium Participants only)

10:55 a.m. UChicago MRSEC Director/ Introduction

Session 1- Programmable Matter 
(Chairs: Aaron Esser-Kahn, Heinrich Jaeger)

11:00-11:18 Sun-Min Yu How do cells communicate long-range?
11:18-11:36 Angus McMullen Self-assembly via programmable folding of colloidal polymers
11:36-11:54 Ella King Designing out-of-equilibrium features of self-assembly
11:54-12:12 Pragya Arora Jamming-unjamming, stereoselectivity and self-recognition in designer granular active liquids
12:12-12:30 Trevor Jones Programming pneumatic morpho-rods using interfacial flows
12:30- 1:00 Break/Discussion with Speakers 

Session 2- Assembling Soft Matter 
(Chairs: Arvind Murugan and Sidney Nagel)

 1:00- 1:18 Amelie Chardac Topology-driven ordering of flocking matter
 1:18- 1:36 Krishna Shrinivas The many phases of a cell
 1:36- 1:54 Hungtang Ko Small fire ant rafts are unstable
 1: 54- 2:12 Mauricio Gomez Lopez Microrheology of an active micro swimmer suspension
 2:12- 2:30 Trevor Grand Pre Kinetic frustration controls LAT protein condensation
 2:30-3:00 Break/ Discussion with speakers

3:00 - 4:00 Informal Discussion in Field Specific Breakout rooms - Networking, Job Search

Friday, October 7

Session 3- Biological & Fibrous & Liquid Crystal Materials
(Chairs: Monica Olvera de la Cruz, Stuart Rowan)

10:00-10:18 Billie Meadowcroft Mechanochemical rules for shape-shifting filaments that remodel membranes
10:18- 10:36 Fernanda Fontenele Characterizing Instabilities in fiber-reinforced soft and biological composites 
10:36- 10:54 Xi Chen The Ferroelectric Nematic Realm: Introducing NF, NF*, SmZA and SmAF Phases
10:54-11:12 Jingjing Wu Multi-functional bioadhesive materials for translational tissue adhesive technologies
11:12-11:30 Sophie Ettinger Rods in a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal: emergence of chirality, symmetry-breaking alignment,
and caged angular diffusion
11:30-12:00 Break/ Discussion with Speakers

Session 4 -  Polymers I
(Chairs: Tod Pascal, Jon Pokorski)

12:00- 12:18 Carmen Lee Buckling instabilities in moving chains of bubbles
12;18- 12:36 Allison Green Depletion-driven assembly of polymer-coated nanocrystals
12:36- 12:54 Liang Feng Bioinspired Mechanisorption: Storing Energy in Non-Equilibrium Soft Materials through Active Adsorption
12:54-  1:12 Nairiti Sinha Competition of Folding-Induced Assembly and Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation Produces Diverse Morphologies of Homochiral Peptide Mixtures
 1:12- 1:45 Break/ Discussion with Speakers 


Session 5 -  Polymers II
(Chairs: Mike BurkartJon Pokorski, Michael Sailor)

 1:45-  2:03 Caitlin Maikawa Designer polymer excipients to enable next-gen insulin formulations
 2:03- 2:21 Joshua Tropp Designing Conjugated Polyelectrolytes for Bioelectronics
 2:21- 2:39 Sungmin Nam Implantable Tissue-Interfacing Soft Robotic Medical Device for Mechanotherapy
 2:39- 2:57 Nicholas Muzzio Conjugated Conducting Polymer Nanocapacitors as Biocompatible Materials for Neuronal Interfaces
 2:57- 3:27 Break/ Discussion with Speakers

 3:30    Conclusion/ Thank you!