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Proteins Fibrils Immobilized at SAMs

April 1, 2001

Two adjacent fibers running vertically in parallel

New route to nanostructured materials?

Dynamical Heterogeneity

March 1, 2001

13.3-second time exposure of a monolayer of 1.6 micron silica spheres suspended in water between two glass plates

Controlling viscous fluids

How a Sheet Crumples

March 1, 2001

Simulated cube

Improving the design of future structural materials


Polymer Alignment

December 1, 2000

Polymer Alignment

Spontaneous organization of nanoscale structures

Quantum Annealing

January 11, 2000

Figure 1

Strategies for the design of quantum computers


Frictionless Beads

April 12, 1999

Frictionless beads

Can a Pile of Beads Hold Itself Up?

Nanocrystals with Dipoles

March 3, 1999


Wurtzite and Zincblende (Sphalerite) crystal structures

Nanostripes II

February 2, 1999

Watching copolymer molecules organize themselves


Magnetoresistive Devices

August 21, 1998

A silver compound controls electric current via magnetism

How Does Turbulence Sound?

July 1, 1998

Analyzing liquid helium using sound to understand the wild and erratic motions of a turbulent fluid

The “Swiss Cheese” Condition

March 11, 1998

Image of Swiss Cheese condition

A Peek at the Superconducting "Pinscape"


Electric Dipoles

August 4, 1997

Shaping light emission with electric dipoles

Shaping light emission with electric dipoles

The Coffee Ring Effect

July 10, 1997

Dried coffee stain

Why do drying drops leave a ring stain?

Metastable Crystallites

May 11, 1997

Can like-charged particles attract?

Nanostripes I

January 20, 1997

Polymer Templates for Nanostructure Fabrication