Archived Events

January 21, 2013 to January 27, 2013

Workshop: Facets of Integrability

October 26, 2012 to October 28, 2012

Fluidity, Adaptability, Rigidity: Frontiers in Pure and Applied Jamming

The goal of this workshop is to bring together scientists, engineers and architects to discuss the structural and functional properties of jammed systems and to assess their potential for designed applications.  

October 6, 2012 to October 7, 2012

Outcomes of Graduate Education: from Condensed Matter to Biological Physics

In Celebration of Leo Kadanoff’s 75th birthday

October 6-7, 2012


September 13, 2012 to September 15, 2012

The '240' Conference: Science's Greatest Challenges

This scientific gathering, marking the 240th birthday of R. Stephen Berry, Stuart A. Rice, and Joshua Jortner, will focus on open, deep, difficult and important problems in chemical physics and related areas of science which require the advancement of novel concepts and experimental methods. Several central themes will be addressed which will be presented within the framework of three sessions: Complexity and Emergence; Dynamics under Extreme Conditions, and the Grandest Questions, Origins of Life and the Chemical Universe.

October 14, 2011 to October 15, 2011

Topological aspects of quantum-coherent states in new materials

The workshop will focus on the theoretical and experimental studies of topological aspects of quantum-coherent states in new materials. Topics will include topological phenomena in band insulating materials, fractional quantum Hall effect, and p-wave superconductors.

October 9, 2010

Inter-MRSEC Student Symposium

Student Symposium (at Minnesota)

September 16, 2010 to September 18, 2010

Electronic Transport in Nanoengineered Materials

The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists working in different areas related to this topic and to promote the exchange of ideas between different research communities.


Upcoming Events

December 8, 2018

Physics with a Bang! Holiday Lecture and Open House

Students, families, teachers and especially the curious are invited to attend our annual Holiday Lecture and Open House.

October 24, 2018

MRSEC Surface Metrology Workshop

In cooperation with Olympus