Chicago Materials Research Center


Faculty Supervisor: Heinrich Jaeger
Technical Staff: Justin Jureller and Sarah Brown

The Materials Preparation and Measurement Laboratory (MPML) provides facilities for preparation, fabrication, processing, patterning and characterization of many types of samples. Instrumentation encompasses scanning probe microscopes (AFM and STM), scanning electron microscopes (SEM), optical lithography and imaging, sample cutting-polishing, surface coating, thermal characterization, optical characterization via steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence, absorbance, reflectance, Raman, and light scattering.

Open Access Policy

The MPML is open to all interested internal academic, external academic, and industrial users. A key aspect of the lab is extensive one-on-one training with experienced PhD-level staff. After training it is possible for users of all levels to independently operate instruments and generate data for their projects. Trained and qualified users are given 24/7 access to instruments while external users may have access during normal working hours (Mon-Fri: 8am to 6pm) when MPML staff are in the lab. The MPML is primarily a user facility but MPML staff may also provide service measurements on an as-needed basis.

Acknowledgement of Support

The UChicago MRSEC appreciates your continued support. Please include the following acknowledgement when presenting and/or publishing results made possible with the assistance of MRSEC Shared Facilities: “This work made use of the shared facilities at the University of Chicago Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, supported by the National Science Foundation under award number DMR-2011854.”


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