Getting Started

Internal User

  1. Sign up to our user email listserv to receive important updates about Shared Facilties operations and policies. You will need to log into the listserv website with your CNET ID and password before subscribing.
  2. Create an account on our instrument scheduler.  If your PI group is not set up in our scheduling and billing systems, please contact a Manager to do so when creating your account. 
  3. Set up your UChicagoBox data transfer account.
  4. Make sure you are up-to-date with all required Research Safety and EHSA Safety training, including general Chemical Hygenie and Fire Safety training.
  5. Please read, sign, and return our user agreement. The agreement acknowledges that a user has read and understood our user policies and agrees to accept and abide by all facility rules, rates, and recharge policies.
  6. Contact a Manager to request training on an instrument. It is the responsbility of a user to obtain prior authorization for all potential training, access, and usage charges from their PI before attending training or using tools. Attending training or using tools indicates acceptance of all facility rules, rates, and recharge policies.
  7. Independent keycard access  may be obtained after training is successfully completed. Please contact a Manger to schedule a time to scan your UChicago ID card into our system. Unfortunately, UChicago ID cards must be physically scanned into the system. Please do not email ID numbers, photos, or other identifying information when making your request.

External User

Please contact a Manager to discuss your project and which tools you'd like to use. Please note that all external users must provide a valid PO before access is granted or services are provided.