Chicago Materials Research Center


The Quantum Transport Laboratory (QTL) maintains a Quantum Design Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS), allowing for characterization of the electrical, thermal, transport, optical, and magnetic properties of a variety of samples as a function of temperature and magnetic field. The PPMS provides precise and continuous temperature control from 1.7K to 400K and is equipped with a 9-Tesla superconducting magnet for work at high magnetic fields. A Cryomech PT410 Helium reliquifier allows continuous operation with closed-cycle cryogen recovery. Installed accessories include DC resistivity, high vacuum (<10-5 Torr) cryopump operation, horizontal sample rotation, and a user-modifiable multifunction probe for custom sample assemblies. A BNC breakout box allows direct electrical access to connections on sample pucks. Experimental control is provided by MultiVu, Labview, or Python software packages. Available instrumentation includes a Lakeshore Model 370 AC resistance bridge, a two-channel Signal Recovery 7230 DSP lock-in amplifier, a Keithley 2636A Dual-channel SourceMeter unit, a Keithley 3706A matrix switch to allow automated 4-wire measurements on multiple samples, and a variety of dewar-compatible optics and spectrometers for custom user measurements. A Keysight 20 GHz network analyzer enables microwave measurements. The QTL also manages an Alcatel ASM GraphD+ Helium leak detector on a portable cart. Training of new users is conducted on a one-to-one basis and the facility routinely provides technical consultation and instruction in cryogenic techniques. The QTL is adminsitratively managed as part of the MPML.



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