Chicago Materials Research Center


Faculty Supervisor: L. Mazzenga

Our fully equipped student machine shop plays a vital role in training MRSEC undergraduates, REU students, graduate students, and postdocs in the basics of machining and fabrication, and gives researchers the flexibility to design and produce machined parts and research prototypes. Equipment includes several Bridgeport mills, Hardinge lathes, a CAD workstation, and a welding station. The shop has been tremendously successful due to exceptionally qualified staff available for consultation and training. Training and safety classes are regularly offered during the year and are prerequisites for working in the student shop. A Tormach PCNC milling machine was recently added.


Policy Committee

  • Stuart Rowan (chair)
  • Aashish Clerk
  • Juan de Pablo
  • Margaret Gardel
  • Heinrich Jaeger
  • Ka Yee C. Lee
  • Jiwoong Park
  • Sidney Nagel
  • Vincenzo Vitelli

External Advisory Committee

  • Kate Stebe (University of Pennsylvania, chair)
  • Nick Abbott (Cornell University)
  • Asem Abdulahad (Xavier University of Louisiana)
  • George Crabtree (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Bryan Boudouris ( Purdue University)
  • Melissa Hines (Cornell University)
  • Peko Hosoi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Chevy Humphrey (Museum of Science and Industry)
  • Rudy J. Wojtecki (IBM–Almaden)
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