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Online Scheduling

MPML Instruments may be reserved by trained users with our BookitLab online scheduling system.

The scheduling system is conveniently shared with the Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility and the Soft Matter Characterization Facility in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.

The scheduler also manages MRSEC research resources in our other Shared Facilties including the Materials Teaching & Design Lab and Quantum Transport Lab.

Our scheduling policies are flexible to ensure adequate access to all MRSEC shared resources for all interested users. However, users must use the time they reserve and avoid making overly long and/or underutilized reservations that may block access for others. Users must also arrive promptly when a reservation starts and be ready to work. Excessive no-shows or continuous tardiness will lead to loss of scheduling privileges and/or other penalties.

BookitLab Signup Brief Instructions

  1. Create your scheduler account by going to the login page and clicking the UChicago Account Sign In button. Enter your CNET ID and password in the SSO window that appears and follow the prompts. Do not forget to select your PI User Group. Co-advised users may be added as a member to two groups by sending a request to a manager.
  2. Click continue at the ‘Select a Service Group’ screen.
  3. When your scheduler account is approved, login and click ‘Cores’ on the left sidebar. Click ‘Cores Directory’ from the menu and ‘Request Access’ to the MRSEC core. In the required form, please specifiy the tools you’re requesting access to.
  4. When your access to the MRSEC core is approved, you can reserve time on any tool you have sufficent training to use. Reservations may be made in many ways including clicking on the calendar, timelines, New Reservation menu item, or directly searching for instruments.
  5. All instruments require advance reservations. Walk-ins are not allowed and you may not allow others to use your reservation. Tools will not allow you to use them without a reservation. A valid budget number is required to create a reservation.
  6. When you arrive for your reservation, you must use the system to log into your reservation and start a usage on a tool. For tools with control workstations, you can do this directly on the tool using the desktop app. For tools without computers, you can start a usage by using the web or the scheduler’s smartphone app. We will evenutally place kiosks in the labs for these tools.
  7. When done, please remember to stop your usage and log out of your reservation.
  8. Please continue to also record your usage in our paper logbooks.
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