Chicago Materials Research Center

MRSEC Graduate Student and Postdoc Advisory Committee

The establishment of a MRSEC Graduate Student and Postdoc Advisory Committee (GSPAC) aims to foster direct and consistent communication between graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and MRSEC leadership. Through monthly meetings, complementing the quarterly MRSEC Townhall gatherings, this committee ensures a continuous dialogue channel, providing a platform for voices from the student and postdoc community. By facilitating regular contact, the GSPAC serves as a conduit for conveying insights and perspectives on how MRSEC activities impact these vital members of the research community. Moreover, the GSPAC empowers students and postdocs by granting them agency and input in steering MRSEC initiatives, thus fostering a collaborative environment conducive to meaningful engagement and advancement within the MRSEC framework.

Current GSPAC Members 
Priya Mirmira, Graduate Student
Charlie Lindberg, Graduate Student
Elina Ghimire, Graduate Student
Camaryn Bennett, Graduate Student
Emily Doyle, Graduate Student
María Ley Flores, Graduate Student
Carina Martínez Narváez, Postdoc

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