Chicago Materials Research Center


Faculty Supervisor: Heinrich Jaeger

In response to the need for x-ray imaging and tomography capabilities at our MRSEC we have developed a new mobile facility centered around a C-arm x-ray system. The heart of this facility is a state-of-the-art OrthoScan HD mini C-arm that uses a flat panel x-ray detector to allow for video rate imaging. The resolution is 2,000 x 1,500 pixels and the field of view can be as large as 6”x5”. The C-arm configuration means that source and detector are mounted at the ends of a c-shaped brace that can be rotated manually in two orthogonal directions as well as translated in xyz. This makes it possible to bring the unit to experiments in any of the labs of MRSEC faculty and to image components without removing them, as long as the C-arm will fit around the piece to be x-rayed (max. gap between source and detector 14”). The unit is fully computer controlled and allows for a variety of different imaging modalities. A special feature of this facility is an add-on we developed, which uses a computer controlled stepper system to rotate samples up to 6” tall and 3” wide at the center of the C-arm in order to perform tomographic imaging.


Policy Committee

  • Stuart Rowan (chair)
  • Aashish Clerk
  • Juan de Pablo
  • Margaret Gardel
  • Heinrich Jaeger
  • Ka Yee C. Lee
  • Jiwoong Park
  • Sidney Nagel
  • Vincenzo Vitelli

External Advisory Committee

  • Kate Stebe (University of Pennsylvania, chair)
  • Nick Abbott (Cornell University)
  • Asem Abdulahad (Xavier University of Louisiana)
  • George Crabtree (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Bryan Boudouris ( Purdue University)
  • Melissa Hines (Cornell University)
  • Peko Hosoi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Chevy Humphrey (Museum of Science and Industry)
  • Rudy J. Wojtecki (IBM–Almaden)
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