Chicago Materials Research Center


Alliance to Hoku UOur collaborations with industry, national laboratories, and other sectors have four primary goals:

  1. Engage industry, national laboratories, and international institutions in collaborative research to ensure open lines of communication and the fruitful exchange of ideas
  2. Share MRSEC research results and expertise with those who can best use them
  3. Expand opportunities for MRSEC students by supplementing their scientific training with training in entrepreneurship, innovation, and cultural competence
  4. Increase our awareness of new opportunities

Resources for private-sector scientists

We provide a variety of resources to private-sector scientists looking for technical expertise, including:

  • Opportunities to consult with our members
  • Specialized measurement and processing facilities to help you solve problems
  • Patented MRSEC technology available through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Scientific meetings to share the latest knowledge
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