Chicago Materials Research Center


Faculty Supervisor: H. Jaeger

We established this facility to characterize the stress/strain relationships and other rheological properties of complex fluids. The facility maintains an Anton Paar MCR 301 rheometer with fully automated measurement capabilities in both stress and sheer rate control modes. Tools for parallel plate, cone, as well as Couette measurement geometries are available. The sample stage is temperature-stabilized and a solvent trap is available. The system also has capabilities for applying electric fields (up to 5kV) and magnetic fields (up to 1 T) to characterize electro-and magneto-rheological fluids.


Policy Committee

  • Stuart Rowan (chair)
  • Aashish Clerk
  • Juan de Pablo
  • Margaret Gardel
  • Heinrich Jaeger
  • Ka Yee C. Lee
  • Jiwoong Park
  • Sidney Nagel
  • Vincenzo Vitelli

External Advisory Committee

  • Kate Stebe (University of Pennsylvania, chair)
  • Nick Abbott (Cornell University)
  • Asem Abdulahad (Xavier University of Louisiana)
  • George Crabtree (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Bryan Boudouris ( Purdue University)
  • Melissa Hines (Cornell University)
  • Peko Hosoi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Chevy Humphrey (Museum of Science and Industry)
  • Rudy J. Wojtecki (IBM–Almaden)
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