Chicago Materials Research Center


Computer Use and Data Access

All instrument data is automatically synchronized and made accessible online through UChicago Box. Other methods of data transfer such as USB drives, personal email, web browsers, file servers, remote desktops, or network shares are strictly prohibited. Computer workstations are only used to operate instruments and users may not install additonal software or make system updates. Using Shared Facilties computers for web browsing, social media, email, video chat, or other personal use is strictly prohibited.

Data Retrieval

Campus users should create their own personal UChicago Box account. After completion of training on an instrument, users should make a request to a Manager to link their instrument data directory to their UChicago Box account. This will make user data available immediately and automatically in a user’s personal UChicago Box account.

External users will receive a secure password-protected UChicago Box link to their data directory on an individual instrument.

Data Policies

Briefly, all users are solely responsible for their own data. Users should retrieve, backup, and store their data in a separate secure location immediately after acquisiton. No warranties or guarantees are made that user data will remain available on instruments or lab resources in the future.

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