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HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution Confocal Raman Microscope

LabRAM HR Evolution Raman Microscope

LabRAM HR Evolution Raman Microscope

A HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution confocal Raman microscope with 4 laser sources, automated fast mapping, and a back-illuminated EMCCD detector for exquisite speed and sensitivity with diffraction-limited imaging. Ultra Low Frequency filters allow measurement of Raman shifts down to 10 wavenumbers in a variety of liquid, solid, and thin-film samples.


  • Lasers: 473nm, 532nm ULF, 633nm, and 785nm
  • Detectors: Andor Newton 970 BI-EMCCD and Horiba Synapse OE-CCD
  • Resolution: 0.3 cm-1
  • Minimum Raman shift: 10 cm-1 (with 532nm ULF)
  • SWIFT Ultra-fast mapping
  • DuoScan
  • Polarizers
  • Olympus BX51 upright open frame microscope
  • Autofocus
  • Objectives: 10X, 50X, 100X, 50XLWD, 50XLCD, 60XWI, 20XMitutoyo
  • Linkam THMS600 Heater/Cooler Stage (77K to 873K)
  • He vacuum cryostat available (4K to ambient)
  • Cuvette adapter for bulk liquid samples

LEXTOlympus OLS5000 LEXT

The Olympus OLS 5000 LEXT is a surface metrology 3D microscope. The LEXT creates 3D scans of sample surfaces with height resolution down to 5 nanometers with NIST-traceable accuracy. 3D scans take just seconds and the software suite allows full characterization of samples including roughness, curvature, step heights, line profiles, and other material parameters. The LEXT can accommodate almost any sample up to 4”x4”x4” without any special preparation required or the restrictions of SEMs or AFMs


  • 405nm laser
  • Sample sizes up to 4″
  • 5nm step height resolution
  • 1nm rms height noise
  • Motorized stage for large-field stitching
  • Film thickness mode
  • DIC
  • Polarization
  • Dedicated LEXT objectives: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 50XLWD, 100X
  • Analysis modules: Advanced analysis, film thickness, auto edge, particle analysis, mult-data analysis, sphere/cylinder
  • surface analysis

FL3HORIBA Fluorolog-3 Spectrofluorometer

Our HORIBA Fluorolog-3 Spectrofluorometer is used for steady-state and time-resolved phosphorescence measurements of solid, liquid, and thin film samples. The instrument has automated polarizers for anisotropy measurements, two array detectors, temperature-controlled sample chamber, 4-position motorized sample chamber, and an integrating sphere for Quantum Yield measurements.


  • Detectors: Synapse OE-CCD (200nm to 1050nm), Synapse IGA-512X1-50-1700 InGaAs Array (800nm to 1650nm), R928P cooled PMT Detector (250nm to 900nm)
  • Automated Polarizers
  • Front-Face Mode
  • Peltier temperature control
  • Pulsed Xe lamp for Phosphorescence lifetimes longer than 100us
  • Solid sample holder
  • 4-position sample holder
  • Fiberoptic interface
  • Quanta-Phi integrating sphere

cary_and_hpAgilent Cary 5000 UMA Spectrophotometer

The Agilent Cary 5000 UMA dual-beam spectrophotometer has a spectral range of 175 to 2800nm and can measure absorbance, reflectance, and transmission for solid and liquid samples in a linear range up to OD8.


  • 175nm to 2800nm spectral range
  • Liquid and solid sample holders
  • Universal Measurement Accessory for variable angle and polarization reflectance and transmittance measurements.

chronosISS ChronosBH Lifetime Fluorometer

The ISS ChronosBH Lifetime Fluorometer uses time-correlated single photon counting (TCPSC) methods to measure fluorescence lifetimes in bulk samples from about 100ps to 10us. A range of excitation sources, emission filters, and two detectors are available


  • Excitation sources
  • Fianum SC-400 supercontinuum source with integrated pulse picker and AOTF selectable excitation from 400nm to 850nm
  • Hamamatsu 405nm ps puled diode laser
  • Pulsed LEDs (ns) at 285nm, 305nm, and 345nm
  • Emisson filters from 300nm to 900nm
  • Detectors
  • Hybrid PMT, HPM-100-40
  • Red-sensitive amplified PMT H7422-50
  • Electronics
  • Becker-Hickl SPC-830 TCSPC
  • Becker-Hickl MSA-300 multichannel scaler
  • Temperature controlled 4-position cuvette holder
  • Motorized polarizers

zetaMalvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS light scattering system for the measurement of zeta potential, particle size, and molecular weight.


  • 633nm laser
  • Temperature Control
  • Dip-cell for non-aqueous solvents
  • High-concentration cell
  • Autotitrator and degasser


Gaertner Waferskan Ellipsometer

Automated ellipsometer for the measurement and mapping of film thicknesses and refractive indices on substrates up to 8″ wide


  • 633nm laser
  • Automated mapping stage

Widefield Optical Microscopes

Oly_scopesOlympus BH2 Upright Microscope

  • Trans and epi-illumination
  • Reflected polarization
  • Long working distance objectives
  • 12 MPixel camera

Olympus SZ61 Stereomicroscope

  • 6X to 60X magnification
  • Trans and epi-illumination

Olympus SZX16 Zoom Widefield Fluorescence Microscope

  • Trans and epi-illumination
  • Fluorescence (GFP, DAPI, RFP)
  • CoolSnap HQ2 camera
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