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CAMPS 2024

 The Conference Across MRSEC-PREM Schools is a student-led initiative to bring MRSEC-PREM students, faculty, and industry together to help improve students’ research, academic, and professional skills. The conference was founded as a result of a growing need to network with students from other institutions and learn about their work. Given the collaborative spirit that MRSEC and PREM instills in us, we find it imperative to expand upon this spirit to encourage cross-institutional discussions and benefit from each other’s knowledge, network, and industry connections.

 Where and when?

This year’s conference will be held in Chicago, IL, at the University of Chicago on August 2-3, 2024.

 Why attend?

Participating students will benefit from attending the conference through:

  • Encouraging and fostering student networking amongst themselves and industry visitors
  • Introducing different career paths through a panel encompassing people from industry, academia, and national labs
  • Presenting senior students with job opportunities and postdoc positions (this conference will be a chance for career advertising either from industry or from interested research groups)
  • Enriching students’ knowledge through a set of academic talks by respected faculty in the field
  • Informing students of the various research capabilities and state-of-the-art instruments at the other MRSECs and PREMs, encouraging students to initiate research collaborations.

Who can apply?

All students (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral) from participating MRSECs and PREM institutes are welcome to attend this conference.

How much will it cost?

No registration fees are required to attend the conference. Travel and housing will be covered by the conference.

 All student participants are expected to present a research poster.
      Poster formatting: Landscape format (wider than it is high)
48 inches by 36 inches


Deadline: Friday, May 3rd,  2024 at 5:00 p.m

Your demonstration of how this conference will help you further your educational and career goals will be considered in the selection process.

Selected applicants will receive confirmation by May 22.

Travel arrangements should not be done prior to receiving confirmation of selection.

    Speakers (including Bios)

    List of Student Organizers

    Elina Ghimire, University of Chicago 
    Jessica Peterson, Texas State University 
    Camaryn Bennett, University of Chicago 
    Kushal Thapa, Texas State University 
    Luis Alfredo Albiter, Texas State University 
    Anthony Martinez, University of Texas at Arlington 
    Charlie Lindberg, University of Chicago 
    Maria Ley Flores, University of Chicago 
    Priya Mirmira, University of Chicago 
    Scott Barrett, Texas State University 
    Amelia Strait, Texas State University 
    Ellee Bounds, Texas State University 
    Chloe Hansom, Texas State University 
    Mariah Gutierrez, Texas State University 
    Savannah Gowen, University of Chicago 
    Chloe Lindeman, University of Chicago 
    Emily Doyle, University of Chicago 
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